Sunday, December 6, 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dec 5.

This morning a hearty breakfast, 2 small snacks today and for dinner smoked turkey breast. Best part about making a large amount is that it starts meal prep for the week!

Day 23: fajita

Made fajitas for dinner. Yum yum. 

Day 24: Dessert

Tonight's dessert is a freshly cut pear. 

Final Saturday Brunch

As the portion plate project phase 1 comes to a close today's meal Turkey Sausage Egg White Scramble with (1/2 Cup jalapanos, red/green peppers, Avacado, onion) excited for tomorrow's Final Meal of our project! 

Day 21 Dec 4

Well since my phone was not working I couldn't take a picture of my dinner :(
I made corned beef cabbage potatoes and oldest really want us to go to McFarlands for dinner to get our Irish grub on and to stay on point not eating out I opted to make this meal for her and she was happy...

Running and no time...

I've decided I'm not planning well enough in advanced for days where fires need tone put out at work and there isn't time for slowing down. 
Dec 4 I found myself eating trail mix in a Baggie from my car. On the positive, it's a homemade mix I made with almonds, cashews, pomegranate dark chocolate pieces, raisins and peanuts... (I don't like the M&mms so I eat around them). The downside was that I felt hungry all day. 
I finally sat down to dinner in Omaha for tilapia and asparagus. Being that I didn't have a chance to stop at home, no portion plate was used, but I still maintain my smaller portions and awareness.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Today's Brunch

Who said you could only have brunch on Sunday's!  Today I am having Ground Turkey Egg White Skillet w/tomatoes, green peppers, avacados and a tbsp of sour cream! Using one of the amazing bowls created for our project as this phase of our project comes to an end! #portionplateproject

Yummy Smoothie Recipe

This was a great recipe I found and made this morning! I added some strawberry whey protein! Super good!